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Mobil Pegasus Special CF

Mobil Pegasus Special CF is a high quality SAE 15W-40 gas engine oil primarily intended for the lubrication of crankcases and power cylinders of spark-ignited two- and four-cycle gas-fueled engines. It is ideally suited for engines subjected to a wide range of ambient temperatures during startup and operation. This oil is uniquely formulated to be “Catalyst Friendly” and to meet the needs of engines with catalytic exhaust systems and stringent air emission requirements. It is also recommended for the lubrication of the cylinders and crankcases of reciprocating compressors processing clean natural gas. Pegasus Special CF is formulated from high quality base oils and a balanced ashless detergent additive system. It is designed to provide excellent protection of engine and compressor components while reducing combustion chamber deposits in all engines and port carboning in two-cycle engines. Pegasus Special CF exhibits a high level of chemical stability and resistance to oxidation and nitration to help provide long oil life and lower filter replacement costs.

Mobil Pegasus Special CF has excellent anti-corrosion properties, which helps prevent corrosive wear in cylinders, valve areas and bearings resulting in longer engine life. The anti-wear properties helps minimize wear of rings, liners, and bearings.

Features and Benefits

Mobil Pegasus Special CF provides excellent low temperature performance providing faster lubricant supply to critical engine components particularly under cold start conditions. It provides good engine cleanliness while maintaining low wear rates which could result in improved engine performance, reduced maintenance costs and improved production capacity. Pegasus Special CF exhibits excellent chemical and oxidation stability resulting in long drain periods and reduced filter costs. Its excellent ashless detergency technology reduces deposit formation in combustion chambers and in two-cycle engine ports resulting in lower maintenance costs while improving engine performance and reducing fuel costs. Mobil Pegasus Special CF is specially formulated to work with a variety of emission control systems including the latest two cycle, lean burn oxidizing converter systems designed to meet the MACT (Maximum Achievable Control Technolgy) requirements of the US EPA Clean Air Act. 

Features Advantages and Potential Benefits
Effective Low Temperature Performance Improved cold-start lubrication
Excellent Anti-wear Properties Helps lower engine component wear
Outstanding Oxidation and Chemical Stability Cleaner Engines
Extended drain interval potential
Helps reduce oil filter costs
Excellent resistance to oxidation and itration
Ashless Formulation Reduces port carboning in two-stroke cycle engines
Controls combustion chamber deposit formation and Improves spark plug performance
Helps Improve engine performance
Very Good Corrosion Resistance Reduces valve guide wear in four stroke-cycle gas engines
Protects bearings and internal components
Effective Dispersancy/Detergency Cleaner engines
Longer oil filter life
Helps lower maintenance costs